Jubilee Cup 2017 final Celebration

Jubilee Cup Winners 2017

OBU vs HOBM 32-19

Thursday, 26 November 2015 22:21

Next Thursday night at the Cambridge, we will presenting the pre-season programme, introducing you to the new Premier coaching team, and also introducing you to the new OBU fitness trainer, Simon Chatterton....

Simon is a great acquisition for the club, having previously been a trainer with the Auckland Blues, and is currently involved with training several Olympic athletes and the Central Pulse netball team.

Simon has put together 3 gym programmes for OBU club members:
1. Losing weight
2. Gaining weight (good weight)
3. Maintaining conditioning.

If you would like one of these programmes then please private message me and i will get this to you. You will then have the opportunity next Thursday night to talk to Simon about any specific requirements/focus for you during the pre-season.

Simon's first Saturday session will be up at Boyd Wilson field on the 5th of December.