Jubilee Cup 2017 final Celebration

Jubilee Cup Winners 2017

OBU vs HOBM 32-19

Wednesday, 24 February 2016 09:30

Notice of the 25th Annual General Meeting of Wellington College Old Boys & Victoria University RFC Inc

Date: 6:00pm, Friday 26 February 2016

Venue: OBU Function Room, Cambridge Hotel, Cambridge Tce, Wellington

Documents to consider:

Annual Report September 2014-August 2015

25th AGM Agenda 2016

Notice is given to the following WCOB&VUWRFC Inc Constitution changes being proposed:


2(a) To play, promote, foster, encourage and otherwise participate in the game of Rugby Union Football as an amateur and/or professional code.

2(d) To provide training, social and recreational amenities and facilities for any or all members of the Club.

2(e) To promote social contact with past players and officials.

Replace with:

2(a) To promote public participation in the game of Rugby Union Football to promote health;

2(d) To provide training amenities and facilities for any or all members of the Club

The rationale for this change is set out below from the Charities Commission:

2(a) is not acceptable as a charitable purpose as it includes the purpose to promote Rugby Union Football as a professional code.  The Charities Commission recognise that the promotion of public participation in amateur rugby is charitable as it provides direct health benefits to the public.  However, professional rugby provides benefits primarily to an elite few, any health benefits, or other charitable benefits, to the public are too downstream to be considered in the scope of charity.

2(d and e)  are not acceptable as purposes to provide social and recreational amenities and facilities or promote social contact are not charitable purposes.  The Commission accepts that some social activities such as after match functions and prize giving are a normal part of amateur club rugby.  It also recognises that social activities are often a means of raising funds for clubs to carry out their charitable purposes.  However, the promotion of social activities can only be considered charitable if it is expressed as ancillary to a charitable purpose.

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