Jubilee Cup 2017 final Celebration

Jubilee Cup Winners 2017

OBU vs HOBM 32-19

Friday, 13 May 2016 03:08

OBU is very pleased to announce the establishment of the DHC Trust Scholarships.  Two scholarships will be awarded each year to graduating Wellington College students who enrol to study at Victoria University of Wellington (or another regional tertiary provider) and who registers to play their rugby at OBU.  The inaugural DHC Scholarship for 2016 has been awarded to Adam Blackwell.  It is anticipated that three scholarships of $2,000.00 each per annum will be awarded in 2017. Applications for the scholarships will be considered by Mr Roger Moses, Mr Doug Catley, and Mr Dave “Trapper” Loveridge.


We are extremely grateful for the support the DHC Trust has provided to OBU, without which the scholarship programme would not be possible. 


In conjunction with the above and with the full support of OBU, the DHC Trust has made a significant contribution to Wellington College to enable the establishment of a Director of Rugby role.   Lincoln Rawls has been appointed to this role for 2016.  We anticipate that the Wellington College DOR and OBU DOR will work closely together to ensure the relationship between the college and OBU remains strong and we remain in the top echelon of our respective competitions across the board.  We wish Lincoln well in this role and once again thank the DHC Trust for its contribution which has enabled this role to be established.