Jubilee Cup 2017 final Celebration

Jubilee Cup Winners 2017

OBU vs HOBM 32-19

Thursday, 28 July 2016 21:05

To OBU Club members,


As you may be aware the round robin of the Jubilee Cup ended on Saturday with 4 teams on 19 points.  These 4 teams required ranking for the purposes of deciding who would make the finals (4 teams do not go into 3).


The actual results as between the 4 tied teams (i.e. from the 2016 Jubilee Cup round robin) were as follows:

a.         OBU and Tawa both won two of the three games – i.e. OBU beat Ories and Wainuiomata, and lost to Tawa;  Tawa beat OBU and Wainuiomata, and lost to Ories; and

b.         Ories and Wainuiomata both won one of the three games – i.e. Ories beat Tawa, and lost to OBU and Wainuiomata;  Wainuiomata beat Ories, and lost to OBU and Tawa.


Notwithstanding this, the WRFU concluded a circular tie situation had arisen and as there was no single winner, the rankings had to be determined based on points differential over the Jubilee Cup round.  


In our opinion, this was not a circular tie situation under bylaw 6.4 and the “who beat who” rule clearly differentiated between the four teams and provided that OBU and Tawa should have the higher positions.


The effect of Saturday’s determination by the WRFU was that two of the four tied teams with 1 win/2 loss records in respect of the others (Ories and Wainuiomata) were seeded above another tied team with a 2 win/1 loss record in respect of the others (OBU).  Put simply a winning team based upon “who beat who” was been seeded below the two losing teams. 


We did not believe this was an equitable outcome, nor was it consistent with either the wording or the intent of the WRFU’s tie breaker Bylaws.


We proceeded to a hearing on Monday evening, 25 July 2016.   We were unsuccessful at hearing with the WRFU’s decision being upheld. 


We considered the decision of the committee of the Rugby Board to be flawed and have given serious consideration to lodging an appeal.   We tentatively reached the decision to lodge an appeal after seeking independent legal advice to the effect we had strong appeal grounds, however after consulting with a number of club members, including the Premier players, we decided against appealing in the interests of the four clubs who have been scheduled to play the semi-finals this weekend and no doubt need time to prepare without distractions. 


We will however, be taking this issue up with the WRFU and asking for the relevant Bylaws to be revisited to ensure such situations do not arise in the future. 


To our premier team, well done on your 2016 season.  We know the team would have acquitted itself well had it had the opportunity to play in the finals.  2017 is another year and we are confident we will once again be in Jubilee Cup contention. 


We still have a number of teams in action this weekend so please get around the grounds in support.