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Subscriptions for 2018 OBU players & supporters will be set by the AGM and you can pay online from 24 Feb 2018.  However, the subs structure is expected to change for 2018, including  new Early Bird criteria.  Check with the OBU Players Handbook and if you want to take advantage of the Early Bird rates and pay by instalments, you can use this link:  OBU Early Bird Subs Part Payments.

To qualify for things like test tckets,  etc, keep your membership active by paying your subs.  You can complete it all online via the link below. The easy to use site was created by one of our sponsors, Dash Tickets to make it easy for everyone to pay and for the club to receive & record subs.

Players can take advantage of the Early Bird subs rates now if they wish to pay by installments:

2018 Early Bird Subs

You can use credit cards or internet banking.  Please note, there is also a $1 admin fee & either a $2 banking fee for internet banking options or the standard credit card processing fee added to the advertised subs amount.

There is a new feature, pay by instalments This feature appears once you have added the subs to the ‘Cart’.   You can select how many weeks, fortnights, months you want to pay and the system works out how much and then processes it automatically from then on.  It adds an extra $5 overall to use this.  This is only available for credit cards (or Visa/Mastercard debit cards) payment option.

If you are having trouble getting started, click here to view the step by step OBU_Subs_System_Manual.pdf

Reserve Grade, 85kg and Womens teams, talk to your manager, you pay a 'team sub'.  If you would like to extend the amount of time you need to pay your subs, or are facing significant financial hardship please contact the Secretary:  

If you would like to pay by installments over a longer period of time, please refer here: OBU Subs System Manual Instalments.pdf.