2018 OBU Junior Prize Giving

Under 6 Rowats – Most Improved Player
Victor Shan

Under 6 Rowats – Best Team Player
Cassius Hyland-Dixon

Under 6 Rowats – Player of the Year (Claire Rowat Trophy)
Federico Roper

Under 6 Wilsons – Most Improved Player
Callum Best

Under 6 Wilsons – Best Team Player
Ekam Singh

Under 6 Wilsons – Player of the Year (Stu Wilson Trophy)
Arlo Bentley

Under 7 Sadlers – Most Improved Player
Oliver Wakeman

Under 7 Sadlers – Best Team Player
Jameson Gray

Under 7 Sadlers – Player of the Year (Joey Sadler Trophy)
Billy James

Under 7 Prestons – Most Improved Player
William Barton

Under 7 Prestons – Best Team Player
Christian Bartlett

Under 7 Prestons – Player of the Year (Jon Preston Trophy)
Riccardo Reynolds

Under 8 Bremners – Most Improved Player
Henry Allwood

Under 8 Bremners – Best Team Player
Jack Cain

Under 8 Bremners – Player of the Year (Mick Bremner Trophy)
Sami Bland

Under 11 Williments – Player of the Year (Mick Williment Trophy)
Ngarimu Tipoki

2018 OBU Senior Prize Giving

Mike Lorigan Memorial Shield – Most tries in social rugby
Kieran Gilsenan 69ers 15 tries

Graham Haggett Cup – Most points in social rugby
Glenn Terry 69ers 98 Points

Brown Copeland Cup – Most successful off field social team

Peter Scott Cup – Most successful on-field social team
Pink Ginners

Jackie Ruru Shield – End of Season Holder
Teddy Bears

Jackie Ruru Blazer – The Player who epitomizes the values of the Jackie Ruru Shield
Brendan Eckert (Teddy Bears).

Frank Scott Memorial Trophy – The Social Player that best served the Club
Aaron Hodson (69ers)

Braddock/Forde Cup – 85kg Player of the year
Jonathan Haddon

Peter Preston Cup – Best Under 21 grade player: Colts White
Grayson Wanden

Darryl Longley Cup – Best Under 21 grade player: Colts Black
Jasper Edgar

Prime Corporation Cup – Best Under 21 grade player: Colts Green
Shamus Langton & Caleb Delany

Dai Hayward Trophy – Top age grade points scorer
Malo Tevita-Manuao (85 points)

Nick Jones Memorial Cup – Player who contributed most to Colts Green side (selected by players)
Laurence-Jarel Lim

First Grade – Player of the year
Hayden Gore

Sir Richard Wild Cup – Premier Reserve player of the year
Junior Makapelu

Stephen Robertson Cup – Most Improved Women’s player
Charlotte Chivers

Sisam Cup – Woman’s Player of the year
Chloe Te Moananui

Most tries scored – Training Grades
Ty Poe Colts Green 15 tries

Most points scored – All Grades
Dale Sabbagh Premier 187 points

Noel Ryder Cup – Outstanding Player First Year out of School
Caleb Delaney & Shamus Langton

Al Keown Memorial Cup – Best Under 21 Player – all grades
Tai Neli

Dr Elliot Memorial Cup – Club Team of the Year

Old-Boys University Cup – Most Loyal Club Player/Member
Tomasi Palu

Stu Wilson Trophy – The Player who best epitomized the spirit of OBU Rugby
Matt Kyd

MJB (Jock) Hobbs Trophy – Coach of the Year
Jamie Williams – Premier

Lt Gen Bernard Freyberg Trophy – Volunteer of the Year
Bob Coyle

Brown Copeland Presidents Cup – Person who has best served the Club
Mark Franklin

Supporters Cup – Most Improved Premier Team Player
Matt Fowler

Ian Archibald Trophy – Premier Team Player of the Year
Agustin Escalona