The WRFU have added a way for all players and support crew to check in to iDMe.

As you will see from the shot above each match on the weekly draw has its own check-in button.

From there you can enter your details without having an app on your phone and you can enter multiple people on one device. E.g. One person could enter on behalf of the whole team and crew or each person can be responsible for adding their own details. Make sure you know who is responsible for entering your name.

This is also an ideal way for parents to add their kids!

You don’t need to wait to get to the ground to enter the details. Do it before you leave home for the match then you want forget.

Step by step instructions

  1. Navigate to the WRFU draws page for your team*
    1. Seniors –
    2. Juniors –
  2. Select ‘Old Boys University RFC’ in the filter at the top of the page, which will refresh to show just our matches.
  3. Click the ‘iDMe’ button for the correct match.
  4. Fill out the details as per the screenshot below
  5. Click save.
  6. Repeat as many times as necessary for the people you are responsible for.

Done. As easy as that.

*Tip: Chrome browser on Windows desktops doesn’t work so well for some people with the WRFU Draws page. Try a different browser like MS Edge if you have trouble (works well for me).