1. Participants need to be prepared to practice with the following in mind – 
    1. Must be able to check-in using the iDMe app 
    2. Must bring their own water bottle/mouthguard, absolutely no sharing.
    3. Must arrive prepared to practice as changing sheds are closed. Must also leave immediately after.
  2. Participants ‘check-in’ using the app. The best way is manual using the code PNOIS. You can then leave your phone in the car or at home if you want to.
  3. The field should be clear 5 minutes before the official start time.
  4. Teams meet on the field 5 minutes after the official start time
  5. Take a photo of your training group and forward to pete@oburugby.com and clubcaptain@oburugby.com we’ll be doing spot checks.
  6. Equipment checked out from the shed with a sanitiser wipe-down (recommend 1 or 2 people decided beforehand, please do this inside the shed to avoid contact with any departing BW users)
  7. Training drills as per coaches plans. N.B. Contact is OK if required
  8. 10 minutes before the end of the training slot
    1. Start clearing the field
    2. Put gear away, wiping it down first
    3. Everyone should be clear of the field 5 minutes before the end of the training slot.


  • Greenroom is available and can be used as long as the rest of the rules are observed.
  • Starting 5 minutes later and finishing 5 minutes earlier is to minimise crossover for us and other clubs using the facility. Please treat it with respect
  • Goalposts are not available for use… yet.
  • Football has been instructed to look after their own posts including putting them out of the way after themselves