Goats on tour with NZ Universities

We sat down with Stu Simonsen to talk about rugby and find out what he’s been up to lately!

Tell us about where you came from to join OBU?

Played at Wellington college and a few lads went to obu. I went back to my junior club Wellington club. 2002-03 played 21s then press as they were on the way out. 04 headed over to obu as I knew a few players there already.        

What is your favourite on-field memory?  

2015 jubilee cup final. Never thought I would play a JC final. We had a dam good team      

What is your favourite off-field memory?  

Courtys at Boyd Wilson followed by the interesting walks back down to the Cambridge.      

Are you involved in rugby these days? Tell us about it.

After the 2017 season I felt burnt out and needed a break from rugby.

I started going to watch games I’d never seen before like Norths v Ories, HOBM v MSP. That was enjoyable.

Then in 2019 I thought I would go and play down the road from home at Paremata-Plimmerton. My brother in-law James “Smokey” Corcoran has played there as well for the last few years.

knowing a few other players also made it easy to don the boots again. Now in my second year and I’m still playing premier. I have a few small niggles hanging around, and I’m just managing these as they pop up.

I really enjoy looking on at some of our young front rowers whilst on the side lines and helping the next generation of players here that might not get that position specific detail that I had at OBU. Filming line out throwing and adding my 2 cents in where available helps these guys out.

Who knows what next year will bring playing wise. I’ll make up my mind when preseason rolls around if my calf’s hold strong or id they wilt!        

What’s life like after OBU? Where are you these days? Work, family.

Family wise my wife Hayley and I have got two kids Blake 5 and Zara 3.

As for work – I’m in partnership with Hayley’s parents in Exceed doors and window maintenance, a franchise in the Hutt valley. Within the next couple of years we will take over and become the full owners.

Life after OBU is pretty much the same as before. Just a different color jersey on Saturday!

Any messages of inspiration you want to pass back to the Goat community? 

Don’t believe the coach all the time! Trust your instincts


Thanks Stu. Controversial last call there! The phone might start ringing!

We’ll look forward to seeing Stu at the Hundy club on Old-timers day and on the sideline somewhere next season or even better in the clubrooms!