At the 28th Annual General Meeting of OBURFC held Friday 22 February 2019, the following people were elected to the committee & other positions in the club for 2019 season:

PresidentMike Copeland
ChairmanJaesen Sumner
TreasurerRichard Cromie
SecretaryRichard Boag
Club CaptainMaree Chivers
Junior ConvenorAlastair Forde
NZ University Rugby Council DelegateIan Kennedy
WRFU DelegatePeter Scott
WRFU Delegate (alt)Ian Cuff
Coaching Development OfficerDavid Loveridge
Reserve Grade ConvenorRobert Coyle
Wellington College LiaisonJack Green
Women’s Rugby DevelopmentGina Williamson
General Manager DevelopmentPaddy Gough
ExecutivePete McFarlane


In addition, the AGM voted Brad Houlahan as a Vice President and Richard Boag as a Life Member.