Today the NZRU released some more information about the resumption of community rugby.
You can read the release here…

It will work is in three phases as in the following table – 

Phase Name Expected Timeframe  Notes
One Prepare to Train



No bookings allowed on Boyd Wilson which remains closed

(despite some users treating it differently).

To be clear: We cannot train on Boyd Wilson in phase 1.

Two Prepare to Play

26th May


19th June*

Protocols will be finalised once we receive requirements from

NZRU, WRFU, Sport NZ, the Govt and Vic Uni.

Protocols include –

  • Which tracing app to use 
  • Hygiene best practices
  • Field bookings & usage of changing rooms, upstairs room etc.
Three Play 20th June onwards.*

There may be constraints on crowds and some other requirements

which will be communicated once we know.

Next Steps

The first thing is to get the missing information such as which grades start when, what are the limits on training in phase two so we can allocate enough space to practice on the field. Coaches/managers can expect to get some questions about this once we know more. 

Finalise the protocols around how we share the field and the rest of the facilities. It will also likely involve a mobile app but we will wait to see how that unfolds as there are many players in the market at present and we don’t want to back the wrong horse and end up doubling up on admin. We have some time up our sleeve before that becomes a critical step.

*These are our estimates only not something we’ve been specifically told. So treat them with caution.


This is going to be a highly changeable situation so we all need to be prepared to be flexible to some degree to help out our club-mates so we can all get some rugby in before the cricket pitch rollers come out!

Lets look out for each other and there’s never been a better time to ‘spread out but stick together’! (think I’ve heard that somewhere before!!)