We thought we’d have a quick dabble in this democracy lark to see how supportive the mayoral candidates are of OBU.

The intention is to provide you with the information to factor it into your voting decision if you wish to do so.

What we sent to the Mayoral Candidates:

The covering note:

Subject: Questions for mayoral/councillor candidates

Hello prospective Wellington Mayor/Lambton Ward Councillor,

I represent a large sports club in Wellington and on behalf of our members would like to hear your views on our quest to bring premier men’s and women’s rugby back to the central city, as outlined in the attached letter.

The intention is to publish your response so that our members can factor it into their decision making. The channels will be on our website, with links from our social media accounts.

We intend to publish the article this Sunday the 29th of September so could you please submit your answers by Saturday evening.

The article will include a copy of the letter attached, with the responses from each of the candidates. There will also be some accompanying analysis of your answer.

Please keep it to a few sentences (up to 150 words as a rough guide). I’m sure you have plenty of other things to do so I don’t want to take up too much of your time.

We wish to keep the integrity of our promise to you to publish your full answer while avoiding an article that is too long to keep our readers attention!


The Letter


Candidate Response Analysis Rating
Justin Lester

Thanks Pete for your questions and I want to acknowledge the great work you do for OBU.
I’m very happy to support you to improve your current circumstances and will work alongside you, Paul Andrews and his team.
I still regularly play and compete in sport myself and have assisted several clubs to improve upon their existing facilities and re-locate where necessary. I’m sure we’ll be able to find a solution.
Stuck to the brief well and to his credit his reply arrived within 10 minutes! Definitely the most positive and supportive reply from the mayoral candidates. Possibly losing a couple of points for trying to butter up the judge! 1st equal
Andy Foster

Hi Pete – I completely missed your email, buried in all the massive number of incoming emails. Sorry.
I would be very happy to work with you and the OBU club to try to find the home you want.  I am a Wellington College Old Boy and a Victoria University graduate, and gettig a bit involved in WCOBA. I know that there have been on and off arrangements at the Basin Reserve. Your letter doesn’t indicate what your preferences are venue wise or the facilities you think you need. I would be very keen to talk with you and see how I can help.
Kind regards

Andy Foster 

021 227 8537
Good club connections and sounds keen to help OBU.  Stuck to the brief well.

Points deducted for the lateness but still sounds promising!

1st equal
Conor Hill HI Peter,

Yes I support you at a philosophical level. At a fiscal level the proposal at this point is not costed, so I cannot say whether or not I support the council providing any funding, as it’s a blank cheque at this point.
Conor Hill
021 0289 2143
Great that Conor has replied and stuck to the brief. He doesn’t sound particularly enthused about spending money until he has all the facts but great that he is generally supportive.

Note: Not sure we need philosophical support, the University has a whole Department for that!

Don Newt McDonald

Your coy is hidden.

I don’t often do surveys.
However I make exception.
26.9.19 thu pics
Cheers x regards mayoral
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There some images included in this reply but I could not determine what on earth they had to do with the question, so I’ve left them out. Other than that I really don’t know what to make of this. I’ll leave it up to you.
But at least Don made the effort to reply!
No Response
Diane Calvert Last Equal
Andy Foster Last Equal
Andrew Grantham Cox Last Equal
Ajay Rathod Last Equal
Norbert Hausberg Last Equal
Jenny Condie Last Equal