Unless you’ve been grazing on bracken in the back blocks of the Tararuas you’ll know by now that we are into level 1. This changes things quite a lot for us.
As far as practices go –

  • The University is sourcing a Ministry of Health QR code for individuals to track their own movements at Boyd Wilson. This will be for all users of the field. Once this appears at Boyd Wilson there is no need to check into iDMe. If in the unlikely event that we go back up a level or two we’ll resurrect the iDMe tracing. There is likely to be the same process at Nairnville and other fields around the region.
  • The changing sheds and upstairs meeting room are open. The hygiene has been stepped up but in order to do that there needs to be a minimal mess. Please help them to help us by tidying up after yourself.
  • Shared equipment. We are no longer obligated to wipe everything down before and after use, but it is highly encouraged to do so before your team uses it. That way your team is in control of their own destiny. Not just to prevent covid but also colds, flu’s etc. With such a short season you or your teammate could miss a decent chunk of the season which is avoidable.
  • We no longer have to finish 5 minutes early or start 5 minutes late to minimise crossover. Of course, if you’re finding it useful there’s nothing stopping you continuing with that on an arrangement with the other code.
  • As far as water bottles go we recommend sticking to your own personal ones for practice but its probably impractical for match day. Keeping up the good hygiene practices is your next best thing with team water bottles. Rinsing after the game with hot soapy water at a minimum and preferably a run through the dishwasher to minimise the washer’s exposure. Wearing masks not a bad idea too. This is at the discretion of your team, just be sensible.

Check out the NZ Covid app over here…