Jubilee Cup 2017 final Celebration

Jubilee Cup Winners 2017

OBU vs HOBM 32-19

Wednesday, 16 November 2016 07:59

OBU Premier Reserves

We congratulate Stradford Adams for his appointment as Head Coach to our Premier Reserve Team and look forward to working with him and seeing his continued development as a coach and the continued success of the Premier Reserves team in 2017.


Phoebe Ferguson will continue as Manager.


Since joining OBU as a player and moving up through the coaching ranks of OBU Straddy was promoted to Head Coach of the Premier Reserves after the start of last season.  In his first year coaching at this level the team made the Hardham Cup round of the Premier Competition.  


Straddy: “I am really excited to be back with the Prem Reserves for 2017. For me it's a great opportunity to build on a successful and competitive 2016 season. Personally I learnt a lot from this year in more ways than one and I am grateful for the continued support from all coaches, managers and players.  


With the current pre-season schedule quickly approaching I’m excited with the prospect of fresh new talent, I also look forward to seeing a lot of the core guys returning who I consider the foundation of every good team. 


My coaching style is simple- Gain the necessary skills, retain through quality repetition, Apply with 100% conviction.  Bring on 2017...”


OBU Premier Women

We congratulate Gary Hilsdon for his appointment as Head Coach to our Premier Women’s Team and look forward to supporting him and seeing the potential of this team being realised in 2017.

Since arriving in New Zealand Gary has coached in a number of teams within the OBU Club bringing a breadth of experience to both club and representative rugby. (2 years with the senior 2s (now First Grade), 1 year with the senior 1s (now Premier Reserves) including winning the Ed Chaney and 5 years with the women. He has also been part of the successful WRFU Pride Coaching Team - 3 years, including the 2011 appearance in the NPC final.)


Gary: “I am delighted to have been appointed to this role. This is a close-knit team with real potential. I'm looking forward to working with both existing and new players to take our performances to the next level.”


First Grade (Formally Senior 2s)

After a successful 2016 winning both rounds and putting 2 trophies back in the cabinet the Wolfpack’s very experienced coaching team will be back.  They have played over 500 Premier games between them. Have a wealth of coaching experience including a number of years at Premier level and were named OBU Coaches of the Year in 2016.  We congratulate Hamish Vance, Matt Anderson, Mike Brodie and Tim Poi who have been re-appointed as the Coaching Team for First Grade and look forward to further player development and more trophies.


Hamish: “As next season goes we plan to train hard, play hard on and off the field and win another trophy.”


Mike: “the Wolfpack is a serious competitive option for those missing out on the top 2 sides, those coming from age grades and new players to the club.


Marc Mirlyaz will continue as Manager.


U85 (Bunnies)

We congratulate Gene Jacobs who has been re-appointed as Head Coach of our top weight restricted team the OBU Bunnies and look forward to some good results in 2017.


Deeana Te Ariki will continue as Manager


Gene has played in the U85 division since 2005 including winning this division five times. He has also played U85 Wellington Reps along with over 100 games for the Bunnies. Unfortunately, due to injury he hung up his boots & has coached the Bunnies backs for the last four years. With the Bunnies head coach leaving at end of 2015, he was encouraged to take on the head role. He's a firm believer in giving back to the sport so the decision to stay with the team was easy.


Gene:"the Bunnies has a strong core of passionate younger and older experienced players and I look forward to recruiting some new blood for the 2017 season”




Hayden Smith will be the Manager for the Premier Team with Brad Houlahan returning as Assistant Manager.


Assistant Coaches, further Head Coaches and Managers will be announced in due course.

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