Billy The Goat caught up with Agustin Escalona, ahead of his 100th game tomorrow for the Prems – versus Upper Hutt Rams at Maoribank Park

1 – Who was your first game against and what do you remember about it? I’ve had to refer to records on the Club Rugby website for this one. According to them my first start was alongside Thomas Fleming in our 45-13 victory over Wainui back in April 2013. I remember nothing of that game. My first game would have been the week prior, against Rimutaka, coincidentally at Maoribank Park. How appropriate. I remember coming on off the bench and catching a kick-off (of which there were many that day) up in the air. I also remember a great meal and warm hospitality at the after-match.


2 – Who is the club you enjoy beating the most? It would have to be MSP. It was particularly gratifying beating them in the day they were the top club in Wellington, with the likes of Valentine Meachen or Isaac “The Red Mist” O’Connor amongst them. How about that game at Wellington College when Tomasi Palu kicked that winning goal? It flew over like a heavy goose but it sure got us the W!


3 – Who is the toughest player you have played against? Du’Plessis Kirifi jumps to mind from our recent experiences against Norths. Also Ardie Savea from that brutal, 27-all draw at the Polo Ground back in 2013.


4 – What do you enjoy most about being a Billy goat? The Billygoat family. With the Goats I feel at home, happy, comfortable, supported, respected.