iDMe is one of the tools provided by sporty who handle the registrations database for NZRugby.

OBU has decided to use their solution for a couple of reasons.

  • It is NZ Rugby’s recommended solution for all NZ rugby clubs. VUW football and other sports are also using it.
  • It is also well thought out for our conditions in that we use a 5 letter code in place of QR codes for venues like sports grounds. This means that we don’t need to use QR posters at the field that get wet and stop working after a few days.

As an added bonus it also means that you can check-in and leave your phone in the car or at home.

So how does it work? Briefly…

  1. Register and download a QR code (one-time) to your mobile from 
  2. Each practice – use the link on your downloaded QR to manually sign in to Boyd-Wilson field. code is PNOIS.
  3. You don’t need to sign out. That’s it!
  4. After 1 month the record of that practice is deleted.

Process overview…

Below is what the Saved QR code on your phones home screen will look like and how you use it to sign into a venue. Boyd Wilson in our case. Obviously none of us are George Clooney from Auckland. The code is just as misleading.

There is a poster with the correct code on it PNOIS outside the Boyd Wilson changing shed if you forget.

Keep the code handy so you can sign in before you get there and leave your phone somewhere safe if you don’t want to have it with you while you train.

Tip: to remember the code just think Pinot Noir, and shorten it PNOIS!

+++++++ Stay Classy Goats+++++