Hi All,

We’ve received information from the rugby union about the upcoming season for Junior rugby. I’ve copied the important bits here in all its glory!


Afternoon all

I hope everyone is well and your lives are starting to find their new normal.

As you are aware the situation in relation to sports is still quite fluid.  We are hopeful of some good news from the Government today that will mean we are able to plan a season with a level of certainty.  Until then please note that any dates reflected in this email are to assist you with your club planning however could change of Ministry of Health of NZ Rugby guidelines require such.  Sorry, it is quite a lengthy email but it is important you read it thoroughly as there are aspects that are different to how we have done things in the past – these decisions have been made to minimise the workload on club volunteers and remove as many roadblocks as possible to get your young players on the grass.

Season Dates (provisional based on government restrictions being removed)

From 25th May

·      Clubs can run their club weigh-ins/registrations.

·      Training can begin.

Activity only to be undertaken if full compliance and adherence to all Ministry of Health, NZR and WRFU guidelines are met

2nd June

·      Draft team entry sheets to Drawmaster (Team & Coach sheets in Dropbox)

11th June

·      FINAL team entry sheets to Drawmaster (Team & Club Coach sheets in Dropbox)

·      Dispensation Application period closes

·      Club & Coach (one per team) season declarations due to Drawmaster

·      Completed team sheets (standard weigh-in team sheet with player details and weights) to be sent to Drawmaster.

19th/20th June

·      Start of 2020 Junior Season (this is subject to government, NZR and WRFU guidelines being met)

      NOTE: weekly rugby will continue through the July School Holidays giving players the potential to have an 11-week season.  If numbers are light during holidays teams are to adopt ‘Game on’ approach.


29th August

·      End of 2020 Junior Season entry sheets to Drawmaster (Team & Coach sheets in Dropbox)


For the latest NZR updates visit https://www.newzealand.rugby/news-and-events/covid-19/