Job Title:             Executive Director/Development Manager OBU Foundation

Reports To:         OBU Foundation Chairman

Purpose of the role:

To establish and lead operations at the OBU Foundation in a way that meets the Trust’s purposes, including:

1.1 To establish a sustainable fund and capital base to support the sporting and personal development and education of OBURFC players via diverse strategies including scholarships, bursaries, travel, training, equipment and facility grants.   This will enable the OBU Foundation to assist in enabling players to participate fully despite possible challenging personal circumstances or hardship;

1.2 The promotion and advancement of the education, training, physical and mental well-being of OBURFC players;

1.3 Providing, organising or assisting with the promotion and organisation of coaching activities with a view to enhancing the education, training, physical and mental well-being of OBURFC players;

1.4 Providing such things as facilities, equipment, lectures, coaching and training to OBURFC players;

1.5 Ensuring appropriate protocols are put in place for the Foundation to ensure best practice management is established and maintained;

1.6 Acting generally as a development manager for the Foundation to investigate and recommend strategies for the development and advancement of the Foundation into a strong Wellington Community organisation;

1.7To work closely with OBURFC and Victoria University personnel on further development of the OBU rugby academy and to assist with programmes where required, including the development of personal development, mentoring and leadership modules;

1.8To investigate and develop strategies for the Foundation to facilitate career development opportunities (e.g. internships, job placements) by using business networks of past and present club members;