So its come to this….

We’re all stuck in our houses/flats waiting for the all-clear. In times like this, the ‘iso….’ word is not helpful!

So the following are some ideas to keep you connected with your mates. Most are serious, some are just a joke, take them as you will!

  • Create a zoom group with your teammates and set up a regular video chat. Zoom is free. You could use it to setup your own karaoke competition, create a skit to post (talk to us we’ll find a place to host it), host a rugby debate, do some sort of challenge (there is a pushup one doing the rounds at the moment, I’m sure you could find more or create your own). You can sign up here…
  • Find out who your best online gamers are and challenge another team to an online battle to be the best.
  • Climb some trees, there’s still some unclaimed fruit around.
  • Hold an online watch party of one of the Jubilee Cup finals (or any OBU game you can get footage of), put together your own commentary team over zoom or similar. Judge the best and submit it to us. We’ll find a place to host it and find a celebrity-ish judge to decide the winner. Let us know if you’re interested and we can make some footage available.
  • Have some online readings from the master halfback book. There are a limited number of copies around. Somebody might be able to photograph some excerpts?
  • It might sound silly now bit in a couple of weeks you will be desperate for entertainment. Setup the Rugby World Cup of interviewing. Each competitor in a match interviews the other. The object is to make the interviewee show their teeth (usually by laughing). Record how long it takes, then reverse roles. The one who holds it together the longest gets the W.
  • If you have chess players in your house/flat and a chess set, then setup a chess match somewhere near the bathroom. You need a black/white selector so you know whose turn is next. You are allowed 1 move every time you use the bathroom after washing your hands. Many moons ago when I was in a student flat we had a magnetic sign from a taxi door (no, I didn’t ask), we cut out small squares of red and white and drew the pieces with permanent marker. Then we drew a chess board on the fridge. I don’t recommend acquiring a taxi sign but if you have something you can adapt to do the job then go for it!

Above all we need to look out for each other…

So to once again to use a well known OBU catch cry –

Spread out but stick together!