How can you/your family or business help OBU to continue to be a successful Club?

Winning competitions take more than just a good group of players and coaches they need a well-run club behind them. Sporting clubs take a lot of volunteer effort to run as well as dollars. As a club that it is half students and with the climate changing around business supporting local community groups the $$ is harder to find. As a club we need to find approximately 300K to run each year. No one gets paid and this is all run by volunteers. Coaches, managers and administrators all give up 10-20 hours per week (some a bit more) in a voluntary capacity.

We realise that sponsorship is a two-way partnership and would like the opportunity to start a discussion with you as to how a partnership could benefit both your business and our club.

We would like you to consider supporting us this can take many forms:

  • Donations of items to auction or raffle
    (We have a Black Tie Fundraising Event on the 14th July)
  • Cash so we can buy items to auction or raffle
  • Donation of items we need
  • Cash toward club expenses or towards a specific cause or team
  • Cash towards player hardship grants to cover gear and subscription
  • Mentoring or job advice for students
  • Vouchers to reward those who volunteer
  • Joining the board, a committee or becoming a coach/manager/administrator

For those who would like to make a donation of goods, services or cash for the OBU Black Tie Fundraiser (Next Weekend – Saturday 14thJuly) or would like to start a discussion as to how they would like to become more involved with helping OBU remain successful please contact ASAP

Still not too late to get a ticket to this event!